The Pittlerwerk is the interaction point of Leipzigs community of creatives, innovative businesses and the local neighbourhood in an old factory in Wahren.

The experiment is an aproach to ethical and sustainable coworking (and living), cultural experiences and live events. What used to be a symptomatic german industry is now transforming into a vibrant melting pot of ideas, continuous exchange and viable engagement.

We will continue to host exhibitions and events and over time we want to develop into a creative hub with space for a Maker Space, studios, co-working, productions and lots of mindspace.

Together we want to provide space for a cooperative working environment that functions as a workshop where synergy effects are created and creative output is generated.

We grow with your ideas.

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The Pittlerwerke were built and used as a machine tool factory in 1889. This was followed by successful years of industrial upswing, the pre-war years, the period during the Second World War, the expropriation after the war and the reintegration into the GDR economy, until the turnaround. 

In the large production halls, with their technological and architecturally revolutionary features, about 7000 people were employed at the time, at weddings. In 1990 the production stopped, from then on different small-scale rentals were implemented. More than 120 years of industrial history are behind the old clinker bricks of the today 35.000qm large area.

For decades, the Pittlerwerke were a place for new inventions and progress. In the same way, space for innovation and creativity is to be made available here once again, and through the mutual inspiration and support of old and new elements, something new is to be created that can already tell a story.