Dinner N°40 | 5-Course-Menu | WUEST

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We look forward to serving you our delicious 5-course dinner N°40 on 23 February 2024 at both 18:30 and 20:00. All guests who join us at 18:30 are welcome to stay after 20:00!


Potato | chives | mountain cheese | egg yolk

Airy potato praline with smoky egg yolk, fresh chives and creamy mountain cheese

Cream cheese | cashew | orange | cumin

Matured cream cheese with crunchy cashew, dried cumin and fresh orange

Course I

Jerusalem artichoke I Chickpea I Blood orange I Oyster mushroom

Creamy Jerusalem artichoke with crispy chickpeas, fresh blood orange and braised oyster mushrooms

Course II

Cauliflower I yeast I salted cabbage I paprika

Buttery cauliflower with roasted yeast, salted cabbage emulsion and braised peppers

Course III

Parsley root I Olive I Cranberry I Butternut

Braised parsley root with crispy olive, fruity cranberry and baked butternut


Parsley root I olive I cranberry I pork belly

Braised parsley root with crispy olive, fruity cranberry and pork belly

Course IV

Tangerine I Sea salt I Curd cheese I Hazelnut

Smoky mandarin with baked sea salt, fluffy curd cheese and caramelised hazelnut

23.02.2024 | 18:30 | 20:00 | 65 € | WUEST

En Gros & En Detail will provide a very special selection of wines.

As our places are limited, we appreciate early bookings. Just send an email with your name, number of people, vegetarian main course or alternatively with meat and a telephone number to wuest@pittlerwerke.org. Or call just call us: 0341/22364228.

Entry65 €