Special | 10-course menu | Wünschmannkuppel

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We have prepared a very special event for you on 23 March. We are moving the dinner to the dome of the Wünschmannhaus on Karl Liebknecht Straße for this day. In the dome, we will spoil you with a 10-course dinner in a class of its own. Don't miss out on this unique event in this breathtaking setting.

Course I

Radish | green apple | ginger

Marinated radish with fresh apple and roasted ginger

Course II

Early carrot | dukkah | yoghurt

Braised carrots with fluffy yoghurt and crispy dukkah

Course III

Sourdough | butter

Course IV

Cauliflower | peppers | mountain cheese

Creamy cauliflower with fruity peppers and creamy mountain cheese

Course V

Potato | cucumber | egg

Steamed egg with creamy potato and fresh cucumber

Course VI

Hazelnut | goat | chives

Creamy goat cheese with roasted hazelnut and fresh chives

Course VII

Tomato | Kalamata olive | red onion

Textured tomato with dried Kalamata olive and pickled red onion

Course VIII

Porcini mushroom | shortcrust pastry | port wine

Baked shortcrust pastry with braised porcini mushrooms and port wine reduction

Course IX

Pear | oats | mascarpone

Pickled pear with roasted oats and luscious mascarpone

Course X

Rhubarb | quark | linseed

Pickled rhubarb with crispy quark and iced linseed

Course XI


Served with sweet snacks

23.03.2024 | 18:30 | 100-120 € | Wünschmannhaus

Of course En Gros & En Detail will provide an excellent wine pairing. There will also be a non-alcoholic accompaniment for those who want to stay alcohol-free.

As our places are limited, we appreciate early bookings. Simply send an email with your name, number of people, vegetarian or alternatively with meat/fish and a telephone number to wuest@pittlerwerke.org. Or call just call us: 0341/22364228.

Entry120 €