Queer Music Festival

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The club night of the 'Queer Music Festival' takes place in cooperation with NO NO NO! - a series of events that has been organising parties and concerts for 'Bouys and Gerhls and Criminal Queers' in Leipzig for almost 20 years. The headliner will be none other than producer and musician Olof Dreijer - himself one half of the queer cult band 'The Knife' and producer/remixer for acts such as Fever Ray, Robyn, Planningtorock and Zhala. For two decades, Olof has been pushing the boundaries of electronic music and trying to keep things 'fun and colourful' - making him a perfect fit for the 'Queer Music Festival' mindset.



Olof Dreijer (The Knife) / Stockholm

Anka / fem*vak, Italo-Fundamentalo

Æol / Geschwofe



HELIX NOIR / Dragshow

The 'Queer Music Festival' explicitly shines the spotlight on queer music and artists who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or non-binary. Under the motto "Identity is reality!", the four-day programme ranges from concerts and club nights to readings, film screenings, art exhibitions and dance classes. The focus is always on celebrating and empowering queer identities, queer bodies and, above all, queer music! The festival's agenda is clearly formulated: To provide a platform where musicians from the LGBTIQ* community can raise their voices in a safe space to share their artistic vision with like-minded people and allies. Speaking up together at a time when silence is becoming increasingly dangerous. To be visible at a time when queerness has become a fashion accessory of a privileged bubble, but queer people in public spaces must increasingly fear for their safety.

Organised by BOUYGERHL - Archive for queer music

Patron: Tarik Tesfu

Supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Leipzig

Entry15 €