Pittstop Open Air Kino: Besser Welt als Nie

Pittstop Open Air Kino presented by Mobile Kino & Pittlerwerke

Filmstart: 21.15Uhr – 14.08.2020
Doors open: 20:45Uhr
Entry via Stammerstraße / Flößenstraße

Besser Welt als Nie

Besser Welt als Nie shows the story of Dennis Kailing, who circumnavigates the earth within two years. Alone – on a bicycle.

With the question “what makes you happy”, but without any experience in cycling, the 24-year-old from Hesse jumps into cold water and simply sets off from his home town – always heading east. He may be travelling alone, but he is rarely really alone. Many encounters with interesting, crazy or even “normal” people give him insights that are withheld from a normal tourist. While others wish for a well-structured package tour, this bike tour is a journey into uncertainty. But it is in the uncertainty that the greatest adventures are hidden – Dennis gradually becomes aware of this.

Besides breathtaking landscape shots and a certain amount of wit and irony, “Besser Welt als Nie” also shows the unpleasant sides of a long bike tour: Never-ending rain in the Andes of South America, sickness between golden pagodas in Myanmar and loneliness in the endless expanses of the Australian outback.

After 43,600 kilometres in 41 countries on 6 continents and circling our planet, Dennis, coming from the West, returns to the place from which he set off to the East a good two years earlier. In the end, he has come a little bit closer to his question ‘what makes you happy’ – mostly it’s just a very simple, tiny but completely natural thing.


The entrance to our open-air cinema can be reached via Stammerstraße.

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