Pittstop Open Air Kino: Showgirls

Pittstop Open Air Kino presented by Mobile Kino & Pittlerwerke

Filmstart: 20.30 Uhr – 29.08.2020
Doors open: 20:00 Uhr
Entry via Stammerstraße / Flößenstraße


After his masterful works RoboCop, Total Recall and Basic Instinct, Paul Verhoeven’s career approached boiling point in the mid-90s. “Showgirls” was supposed to further expand the successful series and set new stimuli in the mainstream, but instead became one of the biggest flops in film history. The garish erotic drama is so underground bad that Verhoeven made himself a laughing stock in Hollywood, the film flopped and his career faltered. Unintentionally, however, “Showgirls” advanced to become a masterpiece of trash that no friend of this genre should miss.

Verhoeven the movie gets completely out of control. What was intended as a calculated erotic thriller for a mainstream audience becomes an involuntary satire, which however can’t show any honest irony at all. Only cynics and trash lovers will feel this, who can truly enjoy bad filmmaking. In this respect “Showgirls” is a glittering feast, a grotesquely bad piece of work. Verhoeven wanted to provoke, did so too, showed bare breasts a dozen times cheaper, but risked his career in return. Despite the respectable success of Starship Troopers (1997), who enjoys cult status in certain circles, his time in Hollywood’s first league since “Showgirls” is over. The film was nominated 13 times for the Golden Raspberry (record) and was finally awarded seven of these unwanted prizes (record together with “Battlefield Earth”).

The documentary about the film, runs the day before and you should not miss it!


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