Pittstop OPen Air Kino: You don’t Nomi

Pittstop Open Air Kino presented by Mobile Kino & Pittlerwerke

Filmstart: 20.30Uhr – 14.08.2020
Doors open: 20:00Uhr
Entry via Stammerstraße / Flößenstraße


You don’t Nomi

“Basic Instinct” catapulted Paul Verhoeven to the top; he and his screenwriter Joe Eszterhas had reached the very top of Hollywood and their next film “Showgirls” was a hit with an announcement – or so they thought. But then everything changed and the film about the stripper Nomi was declared the worst movie ever. Only little by little the film was re-received, especially from a trash point of view, and finally sparked a real cult, which Jeffrey McHale talks about in his documentary.

Showgirls will be shown at the 29th of August.

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