Pittstop Open Air Kino: Die Kanguru Chroniken

Pittstop Freiluftkino präsentiert von Mobile Kino & Pittlerwerke

Filmstart: 21.15 Uhr – 21.08.2020
Doors open: 20.45 Uhr
Eingang über die Stammerstraße / Flößenstraße

Die Kanguru Chroniken

Marc-Uwe, an underambitious small artist with a migraine background, lives together with a kangaroo. But the normal Kreuzberg shared flat is in danger: a right-wing populist real estate shark is threatening the idyll of the neighbourhood with a gigantic construction project. The kangaroo doesn’t like that at all. Oh yes, the kangaroo doesn’t like that at all. He’s a communist – I forgot to tell you. Anyway, he comes up with a brilliant plan. And then another one because Marc-Uwe didn’t understand the first one. And a third because the second one didn’t work. In the end, the whole thing culminates in a major anti-terrorist attack and … I don’t really know any more. Anyway, the movie is pretty funny.

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