Welcome to our universe

The Pittlerwerke offer space for ideas and vibrant exchange. This centuries-old industrial monument is currently undergoing a transformative process and already houses urban productions, workshops, studios, and offices. It is a place of design where people, concepts, ideas, and passions converge, inspiring one another and enabling sustainable collaboration and living. It is a venue with plentiful space that provides spatial flexibility for individual concepts and uses, supporting continuous development.

Since 1889

Originally, the Pittlerwerke were built in 1889 as a machine tool factory by inventor and entrepreneur Julius Wilhelm von Pittler. His life's goal of dedicating himself to inventing and improving machines to facilitate work earned him over 200 patents, and the subsequent sale of these patents provided the necessary financial means to establish the Pittlerwerke in Leipzig-Wahren. The works enjoyed prosperous years of industrial growth that extended until the pre-war years.

Although the works largely survived the times of world wars and the Weimar Republic unscathed, the era of National Socialism marked a dark chapter in their history. Under the leadership of Hermann Josef Abs, the works enriched themselves during the Second World War through the exploitation of forced laborers. After the war, the remains of the works were expropriated in 1946, and the remaining assets and buildings were utilized in 1948 to establish the "VEB Drehmaschinenwerk Leipzig" (VEB Leipzig Turning Machine Works).

Following the peaceful revolution, the works became a case for renovation, which ultimately failed in 1996. Subsequently, the Pittlerwerke remained largely vacant.


From Vision to Mission

With the acquisition by the current owners and the cultural inauguration of the Monumenta Art Festival in 2018, the careful and sustainable development of the site began. Through an intense engagement with the history of the place, we aim to preserve old elements, maintain existing structures, and complement them with contemporary design and progress. The Pittlerwerke cosmos is also focused on building an active community and a self-sustaining infrastructure—a community that brings together creative productions, craftsmanship, research, and technology. With the future completion of the renovated halls, the site will be made accessible to visitors throughout the year, offering a diverse cultural program.